11 August, 2014

MATLABtricks.com is back!

Dear MATLABtricks.com readers, I apologize for having not written to this blog for such a long time. The reason is that I was working on an image-processing related own project, called:


This is an online photo effect application, which requires only a modern web-browser to run, works on smartphones, tablets and PCs too. Hopefully it will have growing amount of effects as I am going to develop it further.

The main goal was to create an easy-to-use and simple photo effect application to let everyone to get nice effects and photo-enhancement tools available online without additional downloading, installing and registering steps. In addition, all of its current features are free.

If you are interested in, have a look at imagatic.com, or follow the development on the project's Facebook and Twitter page.

From now I will have more time to publish here, too. :)


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